​Guidelines for workshops given by external or guest instructors

Guidelines for workshops given by external or guest instructors:

Workshops are generally held on Tuesdays (1800 – 2000) and Fridays (1900 –

2100), though other weekdays or times can be negotiated if necessary.

Requests by guest instructors to give workshops should be sent by e-mail to the

board of Tango Abrazo (e-mail: kurs@bergentango.no) no later than three weeks

in advance. Information about theme of the workshop, level of teaching as well

as a photo for advertisement should be sent to the same e-mail address no later

than two weeks before the workshop.

Tango Abrazo is responsible for the advertisement and housing of the workshop,

as well as a club member who takes care of the practicalities during the event.

The payment for club members is NOK 100 and NOK 150 for non-members. Board

members and the cleaners (2 persons) do not pay.

The instructor’s share is 2/3 of the income generated by the event. If more than

one instructor holds the workshop, the 2/3 of the income is divided between