Foto: Henning Rasmussen

Argentine tango in Bergen

Bergen has a vibrant tango community of more than 100 dancers, and a friendly atmosphere welcoming dancers of all levels. With three weekly milongas and a rich offer of courses at beginner’s as well as more experienced level, there are good opportunities to dance if you are visiting, or have moved here.

Two weekly milongas in Bergen Body Work

  • Tuesdays from 1930 – 2230 («milonguero milonga» – clear floor in cortinas)
  • Sundays from 1900 – 2200

We always have a DJ and a host. Entry is NOK 80 (50 if you are a club member), which includes coffee, tea, light snacks, friendly conversations and nice abrazos. You pay with credit card (or Vipps)

Where to find us

Bergen Body Work

Vestre Strømkaien 1, 5008 Bergen

Directions here

Are you an instructor who wants to visit?

If you are a visiting instructor, not resident locally, who wants to offer private lessons in our dance studio at Bergen Body Work: Please forward your request about this to Tango Abrazo in advance, and we will check if this fits into our plans. You can read the terms and conditions for using Jekteviken for private lessons here.

How to contact us

Check the calendar or our Facebook page for updates and information on milongas, courses and other events. Most of our information is in Norwegian only. If there is something you do not understand, or if you want more detailed and updated information about what is happening on the Argentine tango scene in Bergen, please contact us by email on tangoabrazo@bergentango.no or leave us a message on our Tango Abrazo Facebook page.

Become a member!

Tango Abrazo is a voluntary organisation arranging courses, inviting professional instructors and arranging milongas and other activities. Membership fee is of vital importance to the club economy.

  • 1/2 year membership: NOK 300,-
  • 1 year membership : NOK 500,-
  • «Gold card»: NOK 1200 per half year, 2300,- for a full calendar year. This includes membership and free entrance to all ordinary milongas in Jekteviken. Go for gold!

Payment: Pay with credit card or vipps through deltager.no.

About Tango Abrazo

Tango Abrazo was founded in 1998 and is a voluntary non-profit organisation. Our aim is to promote and develop Argentinian tango in Bergen. We are an active organisation and can offer:

  • Courses on all levels
  • Short introduction courses
  • Milongas three times a week
  • Participation on the cultural arena in Bergen
  • Shows upon request for different occasions (team building, parties, promotions etc)
  • For team building we can offer introduction courses and performance

Which social environment do we want?

Tango Abrazo strives for an inclusive environment where all members and visitors treat each other with respect. Please talk to someone about it if you experience anything not in accordance with this. Warm regards from the Tango Abrazo Board.

Some people are bothered or even get really sick from perfume or aftershave. We ask you not to use it during milonga or other events organised by Tango Abrazo. As some of our members will be forced to leave if they feel the smell. Show consideration for your dance partners and friends!