Seminarhelg med Selen Sürek & Alper Ergökmen 28-30 sept

Alper og Selen, et av de mest «up and coming»-parene i tangoverden, kommer direkte fra Tyrkia til Buenos Bergen i høst. Ikke gå glipp av sjansen til å lære mer tango sammen med disse inspirerende, dedikerte og lidenskaplige lærere.
De skal være i Bergen fra 25. september til 2. oktober og skal holde kurs, verksted og privatundervisning. Det blir også show på milonga.
Program og detaljer finner du her nede:
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Alper and Selen one of the rising stars couples from Turkey are coming to Buenos Bergen this autumn! Don’t miss out on the chance to learn together with these inspiring, dedicated and passionate teachers.
They will be in Bergen from the 25 to the 2nd of october holding seminars, private lessons and will also be performing a show.
—- Program and details are here below—–
Tuesday 25 th of september: 18.30-20.00 Fundamentals 2: Pivot with frame idea (all levels )
Thursday 27 th of September: 19.00- 20.30 Changing the character of the step according to music (Advance)
Friday 28 th of September 19.30- 21.00 How to do boleos (all levels)
Milonga 21.00-01.00
Saturday 29. Th of September :
12.00- 13.30 Connection 1 ( connection with the floor and yourself )
13.45- 15.15 Dynamic movements for dance floor
15.30- 16.30 Milonga (musical pattern and sequences)
Sunday 30 th of September :
12.00- 13.30 Connection 2 ( connection with your partner and with space ) ( all leves)
13.45. 15.15 Fundamental 4: Changing the attitude of movement
(Circular to Linear/Linear to Circular) ( all leves )
15.30- 16.30 Vals: Musical hints to dance vals better (Intermediate-Advance )
About Selen & Alper – one of the new generation couples, dance in harmony of dynamics, emotion and elegance. They blend these motives with their in-depth and enthusiastic approach to tango. With their admiration and eternal respect for tango, they have created a unique style with a distinct use of musicality. They give priority to fluency and an analytical approach not only in their dancing but also in their method of teaching. While sharing their knowledge and experience related to tango, they have created an enjoyable style which concentrates on the essence of the subject, combined with musicality and improvisation. They continue to teach and learn because they believe that learning never ends in tango, just as in life. They have been dancing and teaching together since 2005. They have been invited to several tango festivals and workshops They are teaching and performing not only in different cities of Turkey, but also in different countries around europe like Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Holland, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Lebanon and Italy. In 2010 they performed in Buenos Aires milongas and they have danced with great orchestras; Sexteto Milonguero (Argentina), Soledad (Russia) and Tango Plus (Turkey). They were the champions at the First Open World Tango Championship which was held in İstanbul in May 2008. At the present they are living in İstanbul. They are working in İstanbul Tango. Apart from that they continue to give tango workshops in their own studio called “Tangoloji Dance Studio” where is in Ankara.
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