Kurshelg med Maja Petrović og Marko Miljević

4.-7. desember kommer de anerkjente danserne Maja Petrović og Marko Miljević til Bergen for å holde kurs. Det blir kurs, det blir ball, det blir i det hele tatt en uforglemmelig og lærerik helg!

Meld deg på med én gang for å sikre deg plass. Påmelding på deltager.no. NB: Påmeldingen er bindene og kan ikke refunderes.

Kursene lørdag og søndag holdes på Ungdomshuset 1880 i Bergen sentrum, Domkirkegaten 4. Se kart nederst på siden. Fredag og mandag holdes kursene i Jekteviken.

Det blir i tillegg maskeradeball  i Ulriken Bydelshus på fredagen, og lørdagen blir det ekstramilonga i Jekteviken!

Fredag 4.12 kl. 17 – 18:30, Jekteviken: Women technique – From head to toe / Girl power!

In this lesson we will take a closer look into what happens with our whole body while we dance. We will start from the head and work our way down discussing some common mistakes and their solutions (axis, posture, balance). The focus will be on what different movements «feel» like but we will not neglect their aesthetics. We will do the exercises alone and in the couples. Please bring socks/soft shoes and heels.

Lørdag 5.12 kl. 12:00 – 13:30, Ungdomshuset 1880: Circular movements around common axis / No, it´s not a colgada. Nor a volcada.

In this lesson we will show you one of our favourite figures. By analysing it into details, we will explain the idea of a smooth circular movement in close embrace. This combination will give you a possibility to add some vertical change of dynamics to your dance, which comes in very handy at crowded milongas. We will also spice it up with different entries, exits and embellishments. (It is not a colgada or volcada!)

Lørdag 5.12 kl. 13:45 – 15:15, Ungdomshuset 1880: Boleos / Kick-ass boleos

We will explain the technique of a smooth pivot (for leaders and followers) and build it up to a fierce forward and back boleo and their variations. We will start with boleos in open embrace and finish in close embrace, with some ideas for combinations.

Lørdag 5.12 kl. 15:30 – 17:00, Ungdomshuset 1880: Milonga advanced / Pimp up my milonga

If you are bored with regular milonga steps this is a workshop for you! We will share a few playful combinations in close embrace which you will be able to further develop on your own. Let´s just say that there will be plenty of boleos and embellishments for everybody!

Søndag 6.12 kl. 12 – 13:30: Giros and sacadas in close embrace / Giros of might and magic

The idea behind this lesson is to make a smooth and fluent giro with sacadas without opening the embrace. We shall work with adjustment of the embrace with a concept of «rolling». At the beginning of the lesson we shall briefly revise the technique of the giro.

Søndag 6.12 kl. 13:45 – 15:15, Ungdomshuset 1880: Small repetitive rebounds / Fun tiny steps for all occasions

If you always felt that there were parts of the songs where you were constantly missing a few ideas for the perfect interpretation, this is a lesson for you. We will start with small rebounds and connect them into playful repetitive sequences. This will be challenge both for the leader and the follower.

Søndag 6.12 kl. 15:30– 17:00, Ungdomshuset 1880: The «strange» sacada / The missing link

In this workshop we will show you one of the more unusual sacadas and we will explain why this is different than the others. We wil demonstrate how to use it in a circular or linear combination. It is a missing piece of the puzzle!

Mandag 7.12 kl. 18:00 – 19:30, Jekteviken:  Women technique – Boleos and Adornos / Embellished girl power!

We will start with the little warm-up for the legs and the feet followed by exercises for the balance and relaxation of the free leg. The forward and backward ocho will serve as a basic pattern to which we will add backward and forward boleos. All the space in between we will fill up with different embellishments as taps, kicks, crosses, swirls, etc… Please bring socks/soft shoes and heels!

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