Verksted 29. september 18-20

Tirsdag 29.september

18:00-20:00 : Å danse musikalsk

Instruktører: Guro og Dag

Tema: We start with an overview of the main types/periods of traditional tango music, and suggestions on how to dance differently to different music. Then we go on to experiment with pauses, under the motto: Less is more! In other words, by moving less (taking pauses), you can become a more musical dancer. This workshop fits for those who know little about tango music but also for those with some or a lot of experience who want to get some new ideas.

Nivå: For alle

Ikke nødvendig! Bare kom! Med eller uten partner.

Priser og betaling:
Kr 40 for våre medlemmer, kr 80,- for ikke-medlemmer.