Tre dagers kvinneteknikk-kurs med Maricel Giacomini

Girls! a special treat for you – a three day women´s technique seminar with amazing Maricel Giacomini. Guys who would like to explore the follower´s technique are also welcome to this intensive seminar! Scroll down for more information about Maricel.

It is possible do only one or all classes, but doing the three makes this intensive training complete. One lesson complement the next ones. Come to the class in comfortable and not to big clothes, comfortable heel shoes or just socks.

18 JUNE 18:00 – 19:30 – First day: devoted to the individual movement and technique.
We will do exercise about: lining up, work with the axis, balance, walking energy, leg rotation, block movements, circular movements, introduction of spiral technique, dissociation, pibot, use of free leg and ornaments possibilities.
At the end, we will recap all the exercises doing a sequence to practice that.

19 JUNE 19:30 – 21:30 – Second day: focus on sensing of the partner and what we can produce in them.
We will try to understand the tango dance as a mutual and continuous cause-consequence between two dancers.
We will focus more in the upper body (as the generator of the dance) and we will present the ornaments in the embrace (how to communicate them and how to do it without consequences).
We will practice pivot, rotation, over rotation, against movements, voleos and ornaments.

20 JUNE 11:00 – 12:30 – Third day: musical quality and ornaments
We will talk about musical quality practicing the interpretation possibilities.
We will touch up: tempo, rhythm, melody, differently instruments, relationship with the movements. Cut off movements, legato movements and its application in the ornaments. Wide view of tango traditional orchestras.
To finish: overview of all, doing a musical sequence with ornament and musical interpretation.

Pris: 270,- for en gang og 700,- for alle tre

MARICEL GIACOMINI began her dance training at the age of 3. After being trained in differet dances, at the age of 15 she began in Tango and Argentinian Folklore. She was asked to join «Danza y Amistad Company» at the age of 18, participating in many show in Buenos Aires.
After intense research, gathering information and experience from different teachers, she concentrated in tango dance and teaching.

In 2006 she won the Metropolitan Vice Championship award in Tango Salon , and in 2008 the World Vice Tango Championship award in Stage Tango. From 2006 onwards, Maricel tourned across the world performing and teaching tango. She is regularly performing in tango shows in Buenos Aires , such as: Cafe Tortoni, La Cumparsita, Tango Palace and Catulo Tango. Marcel has also made appearances as a dancer and coucher in Argentinian movies: «La suerte esta hechada» and «Buenos Aires Ghosts».

Since 2012 Maricel has been working with «Sidi Larbi Cherkoaui» as part of the original company to mount «Mi¡longa». «Mi¡longa» performed for the first time in 2013 and currently round over the world.

As a teacher, Maricel worked in the most important school in Buenos Aires: Carlos Copello’s Tango School (2005-2007), Argentinian Tango School (2008-2009), La Viruta Tango (from 2009 until now), furthermore Maricel gives workshop in Argentina and the world.