med Annabel Guaita og Olivér Szüts


Nivå 2-3 fredag 18-21 Principles and basisteknikk for boleos
Lørdag 11-14 søndag 11-14 Exploring variety in the ”evergreen boleos”.

Nivå 4-5 fredag 18-21 Principles and basisteknikk for boleos
Lørdag 15-18, søndag 15-18:  The complete boleo system.


We will be working on the principles and the technique behind the creation of the boleo.  Exploring the life before and after the boleo, where it comes from and where it goes, through the perspective of both leaders and followers. Understanding of the system serves as a key to open the doors for dynamical and rhythmical variety of the boleo.
Boleo (from Spanish bolear “to throw”) A boleo happens by creating an intention for a step, and interrupting it before the follower moves out of axis to actually take that step. The intention of the step stays in the free leg until it (the free leg) reaches it’s end point. The interruption of the step can be done by opposing it with a contra movement. This contra movement can happen linear as well as circular around the follower’s axis.

Pris: Kr 650 (500 student/honnør).
Påmelding: kurs@bergentango.no (merk boleo)
Max 10 par pr kurs