Tango Abrazo is thrilled to announce the second editon of Bergen Embrace, July 5th-8th 2018. This is a role-balanced event for close-embrace lovers, where we follow these basic rules: use mirada/cabeceo, clear the floor and change partner during cortinas. You may sit wherever you like, and smile whenever you like.

Registration starts on Friday January 12th.


Thursday July 5th, PREPARTY: Tango Abrazo (Jekteviken 5)
20-01: DJ-1

Friday July 6th, Hall Terminus
14-19: DJ-2
21-02: DJ-3

Saturday July 7th, Hall Terminus
13-18: DJ-4
21-02: DJ-5

Sunday July 8th, Hall Terminus
14-19: DJ-6
21-02: DJ-7

Monday July 9th, AFTERPARTY (open for all)
DJ-8 (time and venue TBC)

For more information, see our event page on Facebook.


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