• Your participation is not confirmed until you have received an e-mail with payment details and a confirmation e-mail from the marathon crew.
  • Registration fee for the tango marathon is NOK 1500/EUR 150 (transactions costs not included). Details regarding payment will be given in the preliminary confirmation e-mail.
  • No show, no refund, whatever reason!
  • Registration is per person or couple, and acceptance is non transferable.
  • Payments (incl. cost of transfer) as regular bank transfer or via PayPal:


What is included...

  • Admission to the marathon
  • Dinners and late night suppers, all you can eat.
  • Breakfast/brunches, all you can eat
  • Coffee, tea, fruit, snacks, sweets, always awailable
  • Admission to Fire up and Dynamite departure extra milongas (NOK 200 each for non BTM'ers)
  • Sales area for tango outfits, shoes, etc.


What is not included...

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation (
  • Alcoholic beverages (drinks for sale at reasonable prices)
  • BTM clothing
  • Trips, excursions, etc.