Body awareness for tango dancers

with Max Makowski

for tango dancers with Max Makowski

In this class we will address the body in a different way than in a usual tango class. In order to help us execute the tango steps that we learn in a smoother and more stable way, we will work on balance, flexibility and general body awareness. Training the muscles in specific ways and developing useful muscle memory habits will lead to more flow and a healthier execution of movements. As a professional contemporary dancer I have been working with my body in this way for many years and would like to share this knowledge with people interested in taking their tango technique to another level, as well as beginners looking for a more holistic approach towards the body. There will always be room for conversation with the participants to develop a suitable training for all levels, and I will be taking requests and following specific needs if wanted. After achieving a certain level in tango we might feel stuck at a point where we are not making much progress and this is where general body awareness can help refine our steps and the flow of movement contributing to a more confident exchange with our partners and a beautifully smooth cadencia.

Max is a German-Polish dancer from Berlin and has just joined Norway’s National Company for Contemporary Dance – Carte Blanche in Bergen.
He is 29 years old and has been working internationally as a professional dancer since 2015. He studied contemporary and classical dance at the University for Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt am Main. Before his studies he danced some Ballroom and Latin Dance and has had experience with AiKiDo and acrobatics.

Argentine Tango has always been a fascination for him which he finally began to dive into last year in his hometown Berlin.