Bergen Embrace, June 29th-July 3rd 2017

Tango Abrazo is thrilled to announce the first Bergen encuentro, inspired by Embrace Norway (taking a break in 2017). Bergen Embrace will take place in Grand Hotel Terminus’ large wooden floor hall, located in the centre of Bergen.

(Update March 2017:) Bergen Embrace is now full and the registration closed. There will be 150 dancers for the role balanced Friday-Sunday main event. The pre and after milongas on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday are open to all, and therefore not role-balance guaranteed. Welcome!


Thursday June 29th: Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)
20-01: SOLVEIG JANSEN, Norway

Friday June 30th, Hall Terminus
14-19: MARKUS HUEHN, Germany
21-02: SOLVEIG HISDAL, Norway

Saturday July 1st, Hall Terminus
13-18: TRUD ANTZÉE, Norway
21-02: ALAN SPOTTI, Italy

Sunday July 2nd, Hall Terminus
14-19: BIRGER HAUGDAL, Norway
21-02: OLGA MAKHNO, Russia/Lithuania

Monday July 3rd, Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)

Tuesday July 4th: Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)
20-24: GABRIEL BAKKE, Norway


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